Are you plagued
with fatigue?

Feeling tired but wired? Struggle with brain fog, sleep, sensitivities or pain?

Like tens of millions of people you have likely been failed by the medical system. Join the biggest online conference ever on fatigue related conditions for real answers.

The conference is online & free

fatigue super conference is online & free

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Fatigue: 12 Secrets to Recovery E-book

Niki Gratrix:
How trauma causes fatigue

Sarah Myhill:
it’s mitochondria not hypochondria

Our experts will cover

  • The role of gut issues in fatigue
  • How toxins and chemicals can zap energy
  • How to identify if autoimmunity and thyroid issues may be playing a part
  • How limbic disorder, stress and trauma create fatigue
  • How to identify if mold or Lyme may be an underlying cause of fatigue
  • How to identify if your adrenals or sex hormones may be playing a part
  • How to address diet and nutrition for supercharged energy
  • The role of gene SNPs
  • How subtle energy fields affect your energy
  • And much more…

What makes this a SUPER conference?
We are not only bringing together in depth interviews with 40 of the world’s top experts on fatigue. We are also offering a ton of extra resources, including inspirational recovery stories, in-depth case studies breaking down real life recovery stories from the practitioner perspective, daily yoga and meditation sessions, and advice for carers supporting those with fatigue.


Dr David Brady

Making sense of Fibromyalgia

What you’ll learn

  • Why proper diagnosis is so important
  • The difference between fibromyalgia abnd CFS
  • What classic fibromyalgia really is
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Dr Neil Nathan

Help for sensitives: dealing with mold and Lyme Disease

What you’ll learn

  • The impact of inflammation
  • The role of the limbic system
  • Why order of treatment is crucial
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Dr Sarah Myhill

It's mitochondria not hypochondria

What you’ll learn

  • How mitochondria are the source of your energy
  • Why a paleo diet is so helpful
  • How to pace your activity to support healing
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Dr Tom O'Bryan

Healing brain fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • The real cause of brain fog
  • The foods that cause inflammation in the gut and symptoms in the brain
  • The impact of losing oral tolerance
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Dr Brian Mowll

Balancing your blood sugar for stable energy levels

What you’ll learn

  • How blood sugar impacts energy
  • Improving glucose tolerance
  • The importance of a holistic approach to balancing blood sugar
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Dr Dietrich Klinghardt

Redefining integrative approaches to Lyme and fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • The different types of Lyme disease
  • Why aluminium is the number one toxin
  • Why psychology matters in Lyme recovery
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Dr Alan Christianson

How your liver is key to unlocking energy

What you’ll learn

  • What our liver really does
  • The relationship between your liver and digestion
  • How to heal your liver
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Dr Raphael Kellman

The mircobiome revolution

What you’ll learn

  • How the microbiome affects our immune system
  • Why prebiotics are so crucial
  • Understanding the feedback loop between ourselves and our bacteria
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Dr Ben Lynch

How to transform your gene expression

What you’ll learn

  • How our genes impact our fatigue
  • Why we are in charge of how our genes function
  • How to optimise our genetics to support healing
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Niki Gratrix

How trauma causes fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • .How adverse childhood events effect our health as adults
  • .What strategies have been shown to be effective in healing trauma
  • .How functional medicine can help repair the impact of trauma on the body.
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Dr Michael Murray

Will CBD help my fatigue?

What you’ll learn

  • The latest research on CBD
  • Why your endocannabinoid system is at the heart of CBD benefits
  • Nutritional principles to support the endocannabinoid system
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Dr Datis Kharrazian

Why isn't my brain working?

What you’ll learn

  • Why the brain is so crucial in understanding fatigue
  • The critical role played by the Vagus nerve
  • How to optimise your nutrition to optimise brain function
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Dr Terry Wahls

How I turned around multiple sclerosis

What you’ll learn

  • Why and how food has such an enormous impact upon health
  • The power of meaning and having a purpose
  • How being in a positive community impacts your healing
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Dr Kara Fitzgerald

DNA methylation and why your genes matter

What you’ll learn

  • How your microbiome affects your genes
  • The role of mitochondria in methylation
  • The power of methylation adaptogens
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Dr Evan Hirsch

The most common causes of fatigue and how to address them

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the 15 causes of fatigue
  • The importance of treating in stages
  • Why you need to find the root cause
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Dr Todd Born

The science of chronic fatigue syndrome

What you’ll learn

  • The difficult of diagnosing CFS
  • Why treating EBV can be critical
  • Supplement recommendations for healing
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Dr Eva Detko

Healing emotional toxicity

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding emotional toxicity
  • Why emotions affect the body
  • How to do the Havening technique
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Shivan Sarna

Understanding and healing SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

What you’ll learn

  • The causes of SIBO
  • The role of SIBO testing
  • What works in treating SIBO
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Dr Justin Marchegiani

Is your thyroid causing your fatigue?

What you’ll learn

  • How stress impacts the thyroid
  • Autoimmunity and the thyroid
  • Why the gut is crucial in healing the thyroid
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Wendy Myers

The power of detoxing for great energy and health

What you’ll learn

  • Why detox needs to be a lifestyle
  • The danger of Thallium
  • Why bile is the best binder on the planet
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Dr Craig Weiner

Using Emotional Freedom Technique for healing

What you’ll learn

  • How emotions affects your body
  • The key tapping points
  • How to use EFT with yourself
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Nora Gedgaudas

Rethinking adrenal fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • The power of neurofeedback
  • Why adrenal fatigue is really in the brain
  • The role of a keto diet
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Andrea Nakayama

Functional medicine is the future

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the therapeutic relationship
  • The right to work with symptoms
  • How to use the functional nutrition matrix
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Dr Jay Davidson

Parasites and how to deal with them

What you’ll learn

  • The relationship between toxicity and parasites
  • How parasites affect everything else in your body
  • The importance of opening the bile duct
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Harry Massey

Energy medicine solutions for fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • Triggering the body's own healing system
  • The power of bioenergetics
  • Unlocking the potential of energy medicine
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Heidi Hanna

Your relationship with stress

What you’ll learn

  • How stress effects your body
  • How to identify stress patterns and learn to change them
  • Practical tools to combat stress and facilitate healing
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Razi Berry

The power of intuition to support healing

What you’ll learn

  • Why intuition is so crucial to healing
  • How your intuition interfaces with your body
  • Practical tools to help cultivate your intuition
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Ari Whitten

Why mitochondria not adrenals are at the heart of fatigue

What you’ll learn

  • The true research around adrenal fatigue
  • Why your mitochondria are so crucial to energy levels
  • Why understanding your circadian rhythms is so critical
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Dr Susanne Bennett

Mitochondria and the power of kimchi

What you’ll learn

  • The three keys to optimising mitochondrial function
  • How to eat to support energy production
  • How to make kimchi and how it can support optimum energy
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Erin Elizabeth

Surviving Lyme

What you’ll learn

  • Erin's story of understanding and surviving Lyme
  • How a healing journey requires multiple perspectives
  • Why healing the gut is important
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Donna Gates

The power of fermented foods and colonics

What you’ll learn

  • Why bacteria are so important to gut health
  • Why it is critical to have diversity of bacteria
  • How to easily bring more fermented food into your diet
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Dr Deanna Minich

The 7 systems of healing

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of working at different levels
  • Why detoxing is so important
  • The critical role of oxygen
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Jason Prall

Circadian rhythms and why they matter

What you’ll learn

  • Powerful lessons from indiginous cultures and how you can integrate
  • Why the time you go to bed matters
  • How to optimise your energy by exposure to light
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Dr Taz Bhatia

Overcoming fatigue with the 5 power types

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of getting real with ourselves about our health status
  • The five power types and how to use them
  • Why we have to treat the whole person
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Evan Brand

Why stress ruins sleep and how to fix it

What you’ll learn

  • The impact of stress on your body
  • How over stimulation effects sleep quality
  • Pratical tips on improving your sleep
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Nicolas Pineault

EMFs and how to deal with them

What you’ll learn

  • What EMFs are and how they effect the body
  • How to identify the different sources of EMFs in your life
  • Practical recommendations to reduce your EMF exposure
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James Maskell

Functional Medicine as the next evolution of medicine

What you’ll learn

  • The potential of participatory medicine
  • Why functional medicine is the future
  • What the future of healthcare could look like
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Dr Michael Ruscio

Transforming your gut health

What you’ll learn

  • Why gut issues don't always have gut symptoms
  • The 3 categories of probiotics
  • Why hypothyroidism is overdiagnosed
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For those suffering, each day we also have…

  • Inspirational recovery stories
  • Guided yoga sessions
  • Guided meditations
  • Live Q and A sessions with practitioners


For practitioners

  • Case study reviews
  • Live Q and A sessions to discuss clients


When you register today, you’ll gain INSTANT access to the following free gifts


Fatigue: 12 Secrets to Recovery

Alex Howard and Anna Duschinsky

In this inspiring and practical book, you’ll discover twelve different stories of overcoming fatigue, each with its own key lesson to support your healing journey. You’ll learn about:

  • How Nick the undercover cop was forced to open his mind to new ideas
  • How Sarah cultivated determination and persistence to juggle her healing with her role as a mother
  • How Lucy learnt to release her fears and take brave steps forwards in healing


Dr Sarah Myhill

It’s mitochondria not hypochondria

Dr Sarah Myhill offers a powerful model for understanding fatigue, based on decades of outstanding clinical practice. She explores the crucial role of mitochondria and the importance of healing digestive function, along with offering practical suggestions viewers can implement.


Niki Gratrix

How trauma causes fatigue

Niki Gratrix shares the latest research on the relationship between adverse childhood events and fatigue in adulthood. She also shares practical guidance on how you can start to reduce your trauma load and support healing.

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by submitting this form, I consent to receive offers and related promotional communications from the Fatigue Super Conference, Alex Howard and The Optimum Health Clinic. I can withdraw consent at any time. Your Privacy Rights.


Alex Howard is Founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC), one of the world’s leading clinics specialising in fatigue related conditions. After his seven year battle to recover from ME/CFS, his first book WHY ME? My Journey From ME to Health and Happiness was published in 2003, and is now in its third edition with the foreword written by patron of OHC Shirley Conran OBE.
Now a major UK charity, The Optimum Health Clinic has around 1,000 patients in over 40 countries in treatment with its practitioner team at any one time. The OHC has won several awards, including being recognised in the UK Parliamentary Review as an example of Outstanding Practice, for its groundbreaking integrative approach. With a team of 20 full time practitioners in nutrition/functional medicine, and psychology the team have unrivalled knowledge of what works in a real world clinical environment.
Along with founding and leading the OHC practitioner teams for the past 16 years, Alex Howard is an immensely experienced practitioner himself, having delivered over 10,000 consultations working on the psychology side of this group of illnesses. He has also led the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner programme since 2005, training the next generation of psychology practitioners.
Alex Howard and the research team at OHC have published research in a number of leading journals, including British Medical Journal Open, Medical Hypotheses and Psychology and Health. A randomised controlled on the OHC approach is currently underway in the UK.

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